Margaret Kronfeld – Most Important Social Media Networks for Businesses

As the company director of BK Enterprises, Margaret Kronfeld manages many different marketing efforts for the company, including their social media marketing. The internet and social media have become hugely important tools for businesses to promote their services and products, as well as connect with their current customers. However, there are so many different social media networks that it’s difficult to know which ones to focus on. Here are the absolute essentials for businesses.

Facebook: Unquestionably the most successful social network out there, Facebook is an absolute must-have for all businesses, regardless of industry. Facebook allows you to list all of your information, share new stories and photos about your business, interact directly with customers, and more. It’s also one of the easiest ways for people to find your company and share it with others.

Twitter: If you like to have direct conversations with your customers and other businesses, Twitter is definitely a great choice for your business. It is very laid-back, so if gives your followers that behind the scenes feel, and you also get to be funnier and friendlier than you can on your formal website. It’s also an awesome way for customers to share their experiences with you.

Instagram: This app is the perfect way for consumers to put a face to a name, so to speak, when it comes to your business. You can share photos with thousands of people at once, and also browse your customer’s photos and comments. The app has plenty of filters and editing tools, so you can really get creative with your posts.

YouTube: Take those pictures to the next level with a YouTube channel. Consumers love interactive video content, and YouTube is one of the most popular entertainment sites online, so it is an easy way to reach thousands of people. While it does require a little more work to put together a YouTube video than an Instagram picture or Facebook post, it will really pay off in the amount of interest your company will receive.

LinkedIn: This is the ultimate social media network for professionals, and it’s a great way for businesses and business owners to reach other companies and connect with professionals that might be a good fit for their work. This is an essential social network because it will connect you to a completely different group of people and potential leads than the other networking sites on this list.

Yelp: Many customers turn to Yelp whenever they’re looking for a specific service or product, especially in new and unfamiliar areas. Having a positive presence on Yelp can really help you win respect of new customers, so make an effort with a detailed description and photos, and encourage customers to leave reviews as well.

Margaret Kronfeld manages social media and other marketing strategies for BK Enterprises in New Zealand.