Margaret Kronfeld – Marketing Tips for Businesses and Business Owners

Margaret Kronfeld is an experienced Company Director, currently serving BK Enterprises in Auckland, New Zealand. She understands what it takes to operate a successful company, and she has served in leadership positions for several other companies as well. She also understands how essential marketing can be for either a large or small business. Here are some useful marketing tips for business owners.

Take advantage of social media tools. Modern day marketing looks very different from marketing techniques even a decade ago. Social media has made it possible for businesses to drastically expand their reach on a number of platforms. Facebook, for example, will allow users to create pages specifically based on their businesses. You can invest some money into expanding your reach even further.

Hire a professional team if you’re unsure what to do. Professional marketing companies have teams of people trained to get your business the customers it needs to stay afloat. They will take advantage of social media, blogs, and a variety of other online tools that will get your company name out in the open. Unfortunately, hiring a marketing team can be expensive.

Don’t be afraid to market the old fashioned way. You can always put advertisements in the newspaper, or set up fliers around your area where you know people will stop and read. Develop a logo for your company, if you haven’t done so already, and make it simple, yet memorable so it sticks in peoples’ minds.

Margaret Kronfeld understands how useful marketing can be when trying to operate a business, and she is responsible for the social media presence for BK Enterprises.