Margaret Kronfeld – Three Keys to Professional Team Leadership

Being a good leader depends on the context. Margaret Kronfeld was an excellent professional corporate leader during her long career working as a high-ranking company executive for several outfits in Auckland, New Zealand, including KB Enterprises and M&M K Properties. Kronfeld left her profession in 2015, but during her long career, she was always viewed as an effective and well-loved leader. Here are her three skills she needed to be an effective corporate leader:

  • The art of persuasion. The best leaders, as Margaret Kronfeld knows, share their subordinates’ values and goals. Kronfeld was a master at persuading her subordinates that they are headed to the same place and with her leadership, they can all get there and achieve their goals together.
  • Inspiring commitment. Margaret Kronfeld engendered loyalty and a sense of belonging in her workers by always encouraging openness and transparency from all facets of the company. This included everyone and gave everyone input into the direction of the company. Those who agreed with Kronfeld’s vision and that of their coworkers were committed to the cause.
  • Strategic control. Even the leader of the free world, the President, can’t control everything. Good leaders apply control strategically and delegate responsibility to avoid micromanaging and the appearance of an autocratic dictatorship, which can cause rebellion.

Margaret Kronfeld has been a company leader for many companies during her 30-year career in the business world of Auckland, New Zealand. She still lives and works there with her family. Her leadership skills and the mark she left behind will never be forgotten.