Margaret Kronfeld – Expert Business Planner

Margaret Kronfeld worked for over 30 years in the business community of Auckland, New Zealand, where she worked for several large companies as a project manager, personnel developer, and business planner. Kronfeld learned much during her time working for such companies as BK Enterprises, M&M K Properties, and KH Civil in Auckland. For entrepreneurs trying to start their own business, Kronfeld can impart many lessons she has learned during her long tenure as an expert business planner to help them write their business plans:

Audience comes first. When writing your business plan, think about who you will be presenting the plan to. Investors? The bank? Margaret Kronfeld always tailored her business strategies to the stakeholders and potential investors that she needed to present to.

Keep it brief. Relay only the necessary information and present it in a way that doesn’t take too much time away from the ideas and specifics in your plan. Margaret Kronfeld often had to work harder on a business plan to keep it brief than she did on longer business plans.

Don’t oversell. Tell the truth in your business plans. You can spin certain aspects of your proposed business and budget, but you can also run into trouble if you make promises or forecasts that you can’t possibly keep or predict. Stay true to your vision and be as honest as possible.

Margaret Kronfeld left her latest position as Company Director of BK Enterprises in 2015 to pursue other opportunities. Kronfeld still lives with her family in Auckland, New Zealand.



Margaret Kronfeld – Three Keys to Project Management Success

Margaret Kronfeld has many years of experience in the corporate realm as a corporate leader, project manager, budget monitor, and more. She moved to Auckland, New Zealand from the United Kingdom when she was six years old, and after extensive education at Northcote College, the Auckland University of Technology, and Massey University, Kronfeld moved on to her career in leadership roles for several major New Zealand companies such as BK Enterprises, M&M K Properties, and Tiagra Construction, among others across a 30-year career. Over that time, Kronfeld has discovered three keys to project management success:

  • Communicate effectively. This is the first building block to success in any kind of project, no matter how big or small, or in what area you’re working in. Margaret Kronfeld was always a master at presentations and official communications, but as a leader, it was her skill with informal talks with all stakeholders in different projects that set her apart. The goal of communicating on projects is to ensure that everyone knows the definition of done and success.
  • Organization on the fly. Depending on what kind of work you’re in, projects can change and morph all the time. Margaret Kronfeld was always good at organizing new information and metrics on the fly to incorporate new factors in her communications with workers.
  • Problem solving. Problems always pop up during all projects. The key to success is how well leaders adapt and solve them quickly and effectively.

Margaret Kronfeld is a natural leader looking for her next challenge in the corporate world.


Margaret Kronfeld – Three Keys to Professional Team Leadership

Being a good leader depends on the context. Margaret Kronfeld was an excellent professional corporate leader during her long career working as a high-ranking company executive for several outfits in Auckland, New Zealand, including KB Enterprises and M&M K Properties. Kronfeld left her profession in 2015, but during her long career, she was always viewed as an effective and well-loved leader. Here are her three skills she needed to be an effective corporate leader:

  • The art of persuasion. The best leaders, as Margaret Kronfeld knows, share their subordinates’ values and goals. Kronfeld was a master at persuading her subordinates that they are headed to the same place and with her leadership, they can all get there and achieve their goals together.
  • Inspiring commitment. Margaret Kronfeld engendered loyalty and a sense of belonging in her workers by always encouraging openness and transparency from all facets of the company. This included everyone and gave everyone input into the direction of the company. Those who agreed with Kronfeld’s vision and that of their coworkers were committed to the cause.
  • Strategic control. Even the leader of the free world, the President, can’t control everything. Good leaders apply control strategically and delegate responsibility to avoid micromanaging and the appearance of an autocratic dictatorship, which can cause rebellion.

Margaret Kronfeld has been a company leader for many companies during her 30-year career in the business world of Auckland, New Zealand. She still lives and works there with her family. Her leadership skills and the mark she left behind will never be forgotten.