Margaret Kronfeld – Tips for Effective Staff Development

Auckland, New Zealand professional Margaret Kronfeld serves as company director for several large local businesses. She is a respected management and directing professional who has successfully implemented aggressive development tactics to improve a company’s profits. One of the ways that Margaret Kronfeld has built her reputation is through staff development. Staff development can seem esoteric at first, but if you follow tips like those below, you’ll see that it isn’t such a difficult task:

Involve Stakeholders – Everyone who is involved with the company should be involved in developing a staff development program. Take input on what stakeholders see as important and make sure that all parties agree on the focus of the staff development. With a concise focus agreed upon by stakeholders, your program will be more effective.

Set Objectives – With a clear objective and defined goals, you can focus your group and promote growth more effectively. Take care not to set too many goals, overwhelming your group, or too few goals, preventing growth. A happy medium must be found for each program.

Prepare for the Worst – If you prepare for something to go wrong in your program, you’ll have your bases covered and be ready to handle the issue. Few staff development programs are flawless, so prepare for the worst and don’t be disappointed when something goes wrong. Instead, be happy that you were prepared and go from there.

Finally, Margaret Kronfeld and other experienced professionals approach each staff development task as a unique situation, and if you do the same, you’ll have a better chance at success.