Margaret Kronfeld – Project Management Tips

Margaret Kronfeld is a career manager who has served as company director for several respected businesses in Auckland, New Zealand. She has successfully improved profit margins and turned companies around on multiple occasions and, as a result, she has a reputation for her keen business sense. Professionals like Margaret Kronfeld often earn such reputations through attention to detail and careful project management. If you’re new to project management, the following points will help you strengthen your skills and build a reputation of your own:

Problem Solve – Be a problem solver. Instead of rushing into a project, identify and analyze the risks. Aim to problem solve before the project begins as much as possible, and don’t stop problem solving once the project is underway. Problems are learning and refinement opportunities more than anything else.

Listen – If you do not listen, you will not learn. Pay attention to your team, your clients and your customers. Note the strengths and weaknesses of each, and engage those you work with by asking questions and listening to the answers.

Be a Team Player – Managing a team isn’t about serving one person’s interests, it’s about taking care of everyone involved. Consider what your team needs, ask if they have any requests and then work together. Also, be transparent in how you manage things so that the whole team is on the same page.

Margaret Kronfeld started her career early and pursued a comprehensive education, which contributes to her success. By following tips like those above, though, you can learn to manage projects to a similar degree in time.